In The Backyard

Yes it’s still winter but the weather outside has been fantastic.  Yesterday afternoon the kids were told to go spend some time in the backyard.  I don’t take nearly enough photos of them as they seem to be getting bigger every day.  So I decided to join them for awhile as they ran around outside and played.





Enchanted Waters

A couple of months ago I joined a local photography group.  The organizer for this particular group puts together meet-ups with fun themes and great models.  I had been telling myself that I was going to attend one of the meet-ups.  However, every time a meet-up was announced there was always one reason or another that kept me from participating.  Well this past weekend I finally had my chance.  The theme for the meet-up was Enchanted Waters.  The plan was to photograph the models in ponds on a local property.  Unfortunately the ponds were a bit mucky when we arrived for the session.  I took one look at the ponds and knew I wasn’t crazy about getting in the water.  I had asked the models what they wanted to do about the ponds and none of them really wanted to try it out.  That was totally fine with me.  I would never want a model to do anything that I would not do.  So we went with plan B which included photographing in the foresty areas surrounding the ponds.  I’m pretty pleased with the final images and can’t wait until the next meet-up!

Event:  Enchanted Waters

Coordinator:  Sarah Robertson

Models:  Ashley Dickson, Sarah Robertson, Ashley Belladonna

MUA:  Sandy Johnston, Ashley Belladonna





Creative Portrait Session

A rainy day is the perfect day for a photo session, right!?  …as a matter of fact, the answer is yes!  To be honest I was a little concerned as we headed to the designated location and the rain drops were steadily pounding on the windshield.  But I kept my fingers crossed the NC would stay true to form and the little shower would soon pass.  Thankfully that is exactly what happened!

So before meeting this beautiful young girl for her Creative Portrait Session, she had told me that she wanted to include her bow and arrow in the photos and that she wanted to be a super hero… but like a cool one.  I loved the idea and we talked about our mutual interest in t.v. shows like The Flash and The Arrow.  For her portraits we explored the idea of strength both as a kick butt individual and then with a quieter, feminine strength.

I loved her excitement for her photos and her willingness to explore, design and create!  Such a beauty!


















final layer




















Gorgeous Beauty

I photographed this beautiful bride’s wedding awhile ago but I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite portraits from her wedding day.  She was absolutely stunning!  (Ok we’ll throw a couple photos with her husband in there for good measure).  😉







Another Year Older

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this guy grow up.  I first met him when he was two and it has been so neat to see how much he has grown and changed over the years.  For his annual birthday photos we met at his house.  The coolest thing about his house… the pirate ship in the backyard!