Beyond The Typical Portrait Session

This year I really want to encourage you to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your ideas of what a Fine Art Portrait Session can be!!!  Yes we can always meet at a local park… but what about something a little more unique:
– photos on a farm
– photos on a horse ride
– photos in a boat
– photos while playing in a swimming pool
– photos in a local shop
– photos on a hiking trail
– photos in your own backyard
– photos in your home
– photos at a coffeehouse
– photos in an old bookstore
– photos in a creek
– photos in a large home/mansion
– photos in a garden
– photos in an old warehouse
– photos in abandoned building (if it’s safe…and legal) 
– photos in an old farmhouse
– photos in a fancy hotel
– photos on a large front porch
– photos in a large field
– photos under a bridge
– photos after a big thunderstorm
– photos by colorful buildings/walls
– photos by unique architecture
– photos in fort
– photos in a treehouse
– photos in a blanket fort
– photos in a room full of balloons
– photos in a room full of… (insert your idea!)
– photos at a fair
– photos at night… just because the moon is out doesn’t mean we can’t take photographs
There are a million possibilities out there and I want to work with you to discover them!!!  Who do you know that knows somebody?  Ask around and you might be surprised with what you come up with!!!

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