Creative Portrait Workshop

It’s no surprise that I love portrait photography.  I see the beauty in each and every person that stands in front of my camera and I love how that beauty comes through in their photographs.  However, I have always felt that there is more that I wanted to express through my portrait photography.  After a couple of years of exploring what that “more” was, I stumbled upon the idea of hosting creative portrait workshops.  I love the idea of taking the average person and working with them to create this elaborate vision of a portrait with them in the starring role.  Many of us feel the urge to create, the urge to express ourselves, or simply the urge to play and become something more than who we are in our everyday lives.  My Creative Portrait Workshops provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

We started our workshop day with a short presentation on what exactly a creative portrait is.  We looked at example photos from amazing photographers and talked about what it is that makes their photos so special.

In the next phase of our day we turned on our creative brains as we began to think about and plan for our own portraits.  Some participants searched through the ample supply of props and knick knacks I had brought with me, while others set to work it creating their costumes from scratch.  Everyone was sharing ideas and we all helped each other along the way.

Finally the time had come to snap a few photos.  Each participant received 30 mins of time in front of the camera to make their vision come alive.  It was a thrilling experience and one that I am excited to continue to share with others in future workshops.



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