Rebecca Holland

Fine Art Portrait Photographer


Hi and welcome! Thank you for your interest in my photography. It’s such an important part of who I am and I am happy to share it with you. I started my photography journey in 2006 when a local photographer was searching for help with his wedding photography business. I loved photographs but at that time I knew nothing else about photography. Thankfully, after seeing that I have an eye for photography he took me under his wing and taught me all that he knew. Three years later this wonderful photographer made the decision to pursue other interests. I, however, had been bitten by the photography bug and was not ready to give it up. Venturing out on my own I started a small, part-time photography business. I suppose it was more of a hobby at that time but I loved every minute of it. After struggling for 10 years to find happiness in my full time job within the education field I made the decision to return to school. In 2012 I became a full time photography student at Randolph Community College… a small college with big dreams and an AWESOME photography department! In 2014 I completed my work with RCC and moved my photography from a part-time business to a full-time career!!! I am blessed with an amazing, hardworking, supportive husband and I could not have made this life changing transition without him!!!

Plain and simple, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and I would LOVE to share that photography experience with you! Together we will create memories worth saving. You’ve heard it time and again… when the house is burning down what is it you are going to grab as you run out the door (ok, besides the kids, bible and family dog)? …Your Photographs! They are so important to you and those you love.

Babies grow up. Children become young adults and move away to college. College kids move into the working world and begin families of their own. Eventually smooth skin becomes wrinkled and hair turns gray. A photograph will help you remember how plump those adorable baby cheeks were. It will remind you how bright eyed that curious child was and of the handsome adult they would eventually become. A photograph will help you remember the newborn faces of your sweet grandbabies and how you instantly fell in love with them. A photograph will remind of the one you chose to stand by so many moons ago. It reminds us all of the life of love you had together.

Photographs are precious memories. I am privileged and honored to help you capture a few of them.

I am now available for custom photo sessions with:

Individual Portraits
Senior Portraits

Contact me today to book your session!

Rebecca Holland
Greensboro, NC

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