Custom Experience

A fine art portrait is more than just a photograph.  It’s a dramatic work of art that captures the unique beauty if the individual.  


For me, a fine art portrait is a stylized photo that is beautifully dramatic.  The drama in my images focus on aesthetics of photography (the lighting, the angles, the framing) and the inner beauty of the model.  The energy of the model is quiet but expressive.  But not to worry!  During your session I’ll help you relax in front of the camera and we will begin to discover the beautifully dramatic you.

One of the most important aspects of a fine art portrait is that it is meant to be displayed.  I have two little ones of my own and I am 100% guilty of having the majority of their baby photos stored away on the computer.  I tell myself that I’ll get around to having those photos printed and put in frames or bound together in an album.  But days turn into weeks, weeks into months and so on and there my photos sit, piling up on the computer.  One of my jobs as your photographer is to help you break this cycle and provide you a final product that you can proudly display on your wall and share with your friends and family.

(1) Personal Design Consultation

Your custom fine art portrait session experience begins with a no obligation Personal Design Consultation.  During your Personal Design Consultation we will discuss the details of your portrait session and all of the exciting ways we will make your photos uniquely you.  Who are we photographing?  Where do you envision your photographs being taken?  What wall art or print products are you interested in?  At the end of your Personal Design Consultation we will select the dates for your Fine Art Portrait Session and your Custom Ordering Session.

(2) Fine Art Portrait Session

This is when we let our creative sides loose!  We will take all of the ideas gathered during your Personal Design Consultation and use them to create your uniquely you images.  During our 1-2 hr session we will explore our location(s) and use the environment to create beautifully dramatic images that you will fall in love with.

(3) Custom Ordering Session

The custom ordering session is all about you!  We will look through the photos from your session and begin to design your Custom Photography Collection.  We will decide which images you want to display in your home.  Believe me it’s not going to be a an easy decision!  But that’s actually a good thing!  There are also lots of little goodies and trinkets along the way that we can include in your Custom Photography Collection.   At the close of your Custom Ordering Session we will finalize your order and a few weeks later you will have your very own beautiful Custom Fine Art Portrait!

Contact Rebecca Holland Photography to begin your own Fine Art Custom Experience!

Rebecca Holland Photography


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